Optimal Work Efficiency Attained Through One-Hour Blocks

There have been many studies conducted on how to get workers to work at optimal efficiency on a consistent basis. While it seems that All Language Alliance, Inc., has had no problem achieving this level of optimal work efficiency in translating documents written in foreign languages, other industries have not yet figured out the secret. A more recent study indicates that for employees to achieve optimal efficiency in their daily responsibilities, the length of time spent working is the key.

When employees focus on work for a period just under an hour and take a brief break lasting about 15 minutes, researchers have found that they were able to complete the greatest amount of work without sacrificing quality. These studies have also found that encouraging these relatively frequent breaks is very likely to improve the overall efficiency of any office, while other techniques and strategies have been found to have very little impact.

While cubicles have been cast aside in favor of open workspaces that include Ping-Pong tables and dartboards, the sole determining factor for optimal production is regular breaks occurring at intervals of just under one hour. The recreation room atmosphere is fun, but employees should be encouraged to play games only during their brief breaks taking place about once an hour.

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