Terry Bandy Shares How to Prepare for Your Data Science Interview in One Hour

Having little time to prepare for an incoming interview can make you panic, but it might not be as bad as you think. Thanks to technology, the years spent acquiring the right knowledge and the projects you have accomplished, you can be all set in less than an hour to the interview. How do you do this?

Get to Know the Interview Set up

It is crucial that you call the recruiter to know more about the interview. According to Terry Bandy, you may know the venue and time, but more info on the dress code, the resources to use when preparing and who will be conducting the interviews may be helpful. When you know who the interviewers are, you can check their profiles online to have a better understanding of their personalities, credentials and interviewing style. If you are lucky, you may find some reviews from their previous interviewees.

What does the Job Description Entail?

Because the position of a data scientist is very new, you may find that some companies don’t advertise for the job but something else that entails the qualifications you have. Although you may be carrying out data science-related work, your position may be different. What is the job description? What is expected of you? What is the industry in question? Can you handle the requirements or responsibilities that come with the position?

It might help if you did some background check on the company as well. What do they deal with? Having some information on the company dealings other than the data science knowledge can give you an upper hand.

Check Your Resume

Even if you created the resume, going through it is essential. Remembering all the details will help you answer questions easily. Key to note are the projects you have detailed on the resume. Go through them again to have all the information at your fingertips. When you hesitate or take long to answer questions, this lowers your points. Moving through the questions smoothly exudes confidence and in-depth knowledge as a data scientist.

Dig Online for Tips

There is a lot you can find online concerning data science interviews especially if you are dealing with a large organization. Most often, the questions asked in the interview are the same or correlate. Because you might not be the first data scientist interviewee the company has had, it is almost guaranteed that you will find something helpful online that relates to their style, questions they ask and anything else unique about their interviews.

If you cannot find anything, check what questions other prominent organizations ask. Don’t just go through the questions but try to fill in as many as you can. Even if you might have limited time, try to do as much as you can on the way to the venue. If possible, get someone to help you carry out a mock interview. If you cannot, ask yourself the questions.

Get to Know the Skills You Need to Have

Data science is a practical field. During the interview, you might be asked to solve algorithm questions, coding and explain other machine learning aspects. You should refresh your knowledge by going through your notes or online resources. This can help you practice the required skills.

A careful check of the job description will give you a hint of the skills you should possess. For instance, if you are required to have programming skills, you may be asked very particular questions related to the same.

Be Prepared for Questions away from the Data Science Field

When preparing for the interview, you should realize the only reason the company wants to hire you is so that your expertise can bring value that translates to expansion and profits. You will have to work with other employees as a team striving to achieve the organization goals. As much as technical skills are important, Terry Bandy says you also need to have people skills. Sometimes, it is not about getting a solution but how you go through the issues, your communication skills and enthusiasm all through it all.

Being called for the interview on short notice can be part of the interview. Make sure you handle the pressure well. Your readiness, composure, tidiness, and ability to keep time are just part of the things the interviewers will check. You do not have to know all the answers. Don’t panic if you cannot answer some of the questions. After the interview, make sure to do a thank you email but within 24 hours. Have your eagerness, enthusiasm, and passion carried through the email. This although termed as a standard procedure can place you way ahead of your competition. All in all, just know that you can never be fully prepared for an interview. Relax and give it your best.

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