Saleh Stevens Recommends Crypto Courses That Can Make You A Expert in an Hour or Less

Saleh Stevens

Saleh Stevens

As cryptocurrencies continue to take over the world, getting on board is becoming mandatory for one to stay up-to-date with modernization. People will soon be able to purchase nearly anything with things like bitcoin, which makes this a great time to get to know the industry. Luckily, one does not need to be an expert like Saleh Stevens to be able to get acquainted with the basics of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. This can be achieved through online courses that can make one very knowledgeable about the topic in an hour or less.

Cryptocurrency: What You Must Know

With almost 4,500 students enrolled, this course is a free solution that will teach people how to make informed decisions regarding cryptocurrency. It includes a 35-minute video that can be accessed from a smartphone or a TV. The course has no specific prerequisites besides having some basic familiarity with the markets and how finance works. This way, all that knowledge that people like Saleh Stevens possess suddenly becomes reachable by inexperienced investors!

Long-term Investment Opportunity

This course provides multiple videos that add to a little more than an hour. Nevertheless, the very basics of how blockchain technology and cryptocurrency works are packed within the first portion of the recordings. The number of enrolled students is 11,857 which beats the previous course by quite a bit. It is a paid endeavor although there is a 30-day refund guaranteed for those who are unsatisfied. The specifics of the course include a detailed overview of how to pick the right long-term investments and built up a hefty retirement fund.

The Cryptocurrency Bible | Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin

As far as the portfolio of a course, this one will contain the most resources out of any that are listed here. It comes with the total of 5 hours of videos that teaches people how to set up a wallet, make an investment strategy, look for trends, and comprehend the basics of the blockchain technology. Most importantly, the first few videos can showcase how cryptocurrency works in less than an hour! Other significant materials involve seven articles and 8 supplemental resources that can be rather useful when it comes to fully grasping this market.

Princeton University’s Course

Coming straight from one of the most respected universities in the country, this course is produced by professionals who work at Princeton. It explains the very basics of the cryptocurrency technology and how it came into existence. The syllabus of the course overviews mechanics, storing, mining, regulations, and many other areas that are very important to those looking to invest. A discussion about the future of popular cryptocurrencies is also given so that the student can start thinking about the way their money will be affected by a potential investment. Though the course is progressive over 11 weeks, learning the basics with this platform will not even require an hour during the first lecture.

Intro to Digital Currencies

Intro to digital currencies is taught by professionals of the industry whose skillsets match Mr. Steven’s capabilities. As such, one can become fluent in the crypto language and learn how the blockchain technology might become useful to the rest of the world soon. The program is free and comes with a certification that people can get once they go through 12 sessions. Regardless, in order to obtain the basic knowledge, one would just need to see the first lecture that sets the guidelines.

IBM Blockchain 101

People who are more intrigued by the technology side of things would benefit from this course the most. It is custom-made for developers that might have some basic experience with the crypto world, and it teaches them how to deploy a blockchain network and begin coding. It does not come with a certification, but people can learn how to utilize this latest technology to their benefit.

Khan Academy

As one of the leaders in virtual resources for students, Khan Academy has created an easy-to-follow platform that answers all those commonly asked questions regarding famous cryptocurrencies. People can study at their own pace, but the total amount of time that will be necessary to review all the questions will not exceed an hour. Fortunately, all the answers are given in a video format that makes it interesting and engaging to watch. Further, the short clips are strategically organized to start with the elementary principles and finish with some complex aspects of the market.

Ultimately, investing without gaining the proper insight might be very detrimental to one’s long-term financial health. This is why it is important to spend some time researching. Opportunely, all of the aforementioned courses will make that possible within minutes almost!