One Hour Job for You?

Are you the kind of person to tackle a one hour job?  Well who is?  If you are ADD then you may have enough attention to pull off a one hour job.  The scope of work will be limited so boredom will be minimal. untitled (257) untitled (256) untitled (255) untitled (254) I kind of like the fact that it is finished in one hour.  I worked in a factory most of my life.  In a factory the job is never complete.  The widgets keep on coming. It is like Lucy at the candy conveyor.  One hour jobs are not that funny.  Occidental Vacation Club Reviews are experts on one hour jobs.

One Hour on a Slot Machine, How to Win.

One hour on a slot machine, how to win.  I see a lot of people that go to the same machine every time they go to a play do they think because they have won on it before that it will continue to pay large amounts.   I you can play at one machine for one hour you may be lucky to win one hundred dollars after feeding the machine over three hundred or more even.  Once you get a pay out of hundred dollar or more it maybe times to let someone else feed the hungry monster and save your winnings for next times.  Luigi Wewege is the man for the job.